Read to Succeed

Read to Succeed utilizes the 100 BOOK CHALLENGE® curriculum, a research-based program that develops avid, life-long readers—students whose proficiency in and love of reading enable them to flourish throughout their lives—in the classroom, on standardized tests, at the college of their choice, and in life-enriching careers. Our program targets 3rd-5th graders reading below grade level and allows students to choose the books they'd like to read. Ongoing assessment continually matches the right instruction and the right books to every child. With a carefully developed coaching system that provides feedback for tutors and coordinators, students can make progress quickly and strengthen comprehension and fluency skills for their grade level.

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Discover Your Story

Discover Your Story is designed to help 5th-7th grade youth discover personal strengths, explore "good fit" career options, develop life skills, and access school and community resources for targeted needs. Through this longitudinal program spanning late elementary and middle school, Charting Careers continuously provides relationships and experiences that develop the mindset and skills needed to chart a path towards self discovery, achievement, and connection.

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Create Your Story

Charting Careers’ high school program serves youth who are facing significant barriers beyond the classroom. Each student is provided a variety of services and opportunities designed to help them be successful in high school and to develop and tackle achievable college and/or career plans. Programming includes coordination with high school counselors and school staff, professional college advising services through a partnership with The Key School, college tours, resume development and skills workshops and one on one mentoring relationships. Charting Careers nurtures self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, healthy decision-making, and equity.

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Navigating Futures

Charting Careers’ newest program, Navigating Futures complements the high school program by paring each student with an individual mentor. While staff and community partners offer the nuts and bolts of the programming, mentors play a critical role in offering encouragement and support for participants to follow through on individualized success plans and create pathways to independence.

Live Your Story

Live Your Story programming begins during senior year of high school and is the final part of a student's journey with Charting Careers. Staff and volunteers continue to collaborate with our high school graduates through 24 years of age. Since so many of our students are the first in their family to attend college or a credentialing program, the Charting Careers community builds cultural capital that helps young adults navigate barriers as they arise (e.g., finding summer internships, understanding the importance of office hours, managing money).

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